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In Sortea2 we have developed a WordPress plugin that convert the comments we receive in our blog in text clearer and cleaner, easier to read. To achieve it, it will capitalize the sentences in the right way, always trying to meet the punctuation in the rightest possible way. Also, the annoying comments written entirely with uppercase will be automatically converted into lowercase, making them easier to read.


  • Download the plugin.
  • Unzip it and upload the folder legible-comments into the directory wp-content/plugins/ of your WordPress installation.
  • Activate the plugin from the plugin area in the control panel of your wordpress blog.

Why you have to use this plugin?

Because it is great for Search Engine Optimization, because convert poor texts into quality content.

Because it makes more easy for you and for your users to read the entry comments making they stay more time on your page and it promotes comment participation.

Features included in version 0.4 of Legible Comments for WordPress are:

  • Right capitalization of the words: letters at the beginning of the line or after a point will appear uppercase.
  • The repetition of a letter more than twice will be shortened into only two of them. We all are used to comments like: «Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllo» for instance, and with Legible Comments this comment will end like «Heello«.
  • Posibility of changing into italic text what is written between quotes. It improves the comment legibility and it is also interesting in the eyes of search engines like Google.
  • It includes a period after a paragraph and uppercase in the first word of the next paragraph.
  • Transform wrong sentences uses, like the misuse of periods. When the periods have not a space after them and before the next letter, the plugin will include this missing space automatically. Ellipses have a special treatment and more than three consecutive periods are shortened into ellipses.
  • Period.
  • Download Legible Comments for WordPress 0.4 (4,57 KB)

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  1. Sarangan dice:

    There should be an option to disable capitalization of first letter because I’m using Tamil language unicode and it brokes when the first letter changes.

    Try this example: எல்லோருக்கும் மிக்க நன்றி sdd.

  2. bernabe dice:

    Sarangan, that feature will be studied for next version.

    You’ve the reason and that kind of characters will be broken if you capitalize the words.

  3. Sven dice:

    This is a great consept: ).

    Thanks for sharing this plugin.
    Is it safe to use it with WordPress 3.1?

  4. Bonito quiero sortear ayuda.!